3 Benefits of Thankfulness

Greet every day in a thankful state of mind.

Gratitude is good for us. Not only can it help us appreciate the things and people around us, some studies suggest that those who express gratitude on a regular basis benefit in other ways by:

  • Tending to be optimistic
  • Enjoying exercise
  • Generally feeling better about their lives

The Healing Place at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital hosted its first gratefulness gathering in April 2019. The gatherings are a part of A Network for Grateful Living, a global organization offering education programs about the benefits of mindful, thankful living.

Gratefulness gatherings are stand-alone events, and participants are welcome to attend as often as they like.

“We don’t want people to feel obligated to sign up for a yearlong commitment,” says Amy Segerstrom, MS, LPC, Coordinator of The Healing Place: Center for Life’s Journeys at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital. “Instead, we want to offer people the chance to feel connected to our monthly conversations whenever they want to contribute.

“Each month, participants gather to discuss how gratitude can impact their lives,” Segerstrom continues. “Even during challenging times, we can be grateful for the opportunities each situation presents. As Brother David Steindl-Rast once said, ‘By living a gratefulness we don’t feel, we begin to feel the gratefulness we live.’”

 Find more information about gratefulness gatherings and other programs at The Healing Place.

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