Two photographs from a family album show a nurse and her grandmother, who both worked at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital

One Family’s Hospital Connections

Beth Milanowski, a registered nurse in the stroke center at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, has good reason to call HSHS home.

Milanowski is proud of her family’s HSHS heritage.

“My mom and my grandma both worked here, and my mom, my siblings, and I were all born here,” she says. “It’s always been our family hospital in more ways than one.”

When the hospital opened in its current location in 1964, Milanowki’s grandmother, Agnes, transferred there from the previous building on Putnam Street. Agnes was a phone operator and personal assistant to the Hospital Sisters. Her photo is prominently displayed on the heritage wall near the atrium.

According to Milanowski, Agnes ran errands for the Sisters—often driving them around town. Like any good friend, Agnes would help the Sisters however and whenever she could.

Agnes spoke lovingly of Sacred Heart and the Sisters until God called her home, Milanowski says. Her grandmother—“a real matriarch in our family”—passed away in May 2001 at age 97.

To honor Agnes’ spirit and the spirit of the Sisters, Milanowki started a habit that serves her well.

“Before every shift I stop by the heritage wall,” she says. “While visiting grandma’s picture, I say ‘Keep me calm, help me focus, keep me proficient, and help us all take good care of our patients.”

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