Kindergarten in session

Nurse helps teacher connect with students

An HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital nurse went above and beyond to make sure a patient’s wife could teach virtually from an unconventional setting.

The first thing on Dawn Marcott’s mind was her husband as she was sitting in the emergency department at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital in September.

He woke up the night before with a high fever. He had been sick, so they went to the emergency department that morning.

As soon as the doctor and nurse began tending to him – with IVs and scheduled tests – Dawn could breathe easier.

That’s when the second thing on her mind began nagging at her.

Dawn, a kindergarten teacher in Eau Claire, was going to miss her first virtual Wednesday meeting.

“I just thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m going to miss the first one,’ ” she recalled. “I didn’t want my students to be there without me – to not understand how (the virtual format) works.”

That’s when Dawn and Emily Hall, a registered nurse in the emergency department, came up with a plan.

Dawn thought she might be able to pull off the video appearance from her husband’s emergency room. As Dawn went out to her vehicle to get her laptop, Emily quickly pulled a spare medical cart and set it up by the room’s recliner.

“Then she pulled in a metal tray table to put my supplies on,” Dawn said. “When it came time I just logged in and my kids logged in.”

Dawn was grateful that she could see her students and be with them on that first virtual Wednesday meeting.

Dawn’s husband was admitted to the hospital overnight and recovered from his illness. When Dawn left his emergency room headed for his inpatient room, she turned around and noticed a piece of paper on the door that read: Kindergarten in process. Please enter quietly!

“I was so surprised. I can’t believe she did that,” Dawn said of nurse Emily. “She has her work to do, too.

“It gave me goosebumps. I get goosebumps right now just thinking about it. She went above and beyond.”

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