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3 Ways to Improve Short-Term Memory

Tired of losing your keys? Try one of these science-backed reminders.

If you envy people who never forget appointments or birthdays, these three strategies can help.

  • Chunking works by grouping small bits of information. You’ve used this trick before with phone numbers. Three small groups of numbers are easier to recall than one long string of digits.
  • Self-imagining uses personal perspective to improve recall. Practice this the next time you set your keys down. Mentally replay the act of putting your keys in their current spot. In a recent study, memory-impaired individuals who used self-imagination remembered almost three times as much as those who used another popular method that uses rhyming.
  • Loci, a memorization tool that uses the Latin word for “places,” is great for recalling steps in order. This method works by mentally pairing the sequence you want to recall—like steps in a recipe or sections of a speech, for instance—with landmarks along a familiar path. To recall the information, mentally retrace that route.
Concerned about memory loss? Consult your health care provider. If you need a provider, use our search tool at sacredhearteauclaire.org or stjoeschipfalls.org to find one near you.

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