A basket holds apples, oranges, and bananas as examples of healthy snacks that cost less than a dollar each

Healthy Snacks Under $1

You do not need to break the bank to enjoy nutritious foods.

You are driving home from work when your stomach starts to rumble. Do you grab a cheeseburger from a fast food joint or stop at the grocery store for a nutritious snack?

If you are like many other busy people, convenience and the contents of your wallet may factor in when you make impulsive, unhealthy dietary choices. It is possible, however, to eat healthy foods on a budget. Each of the following nutritious, vitamin-packed snacks costs less than $1 per serving:

Serving SizeCaloriesProteinFatFiber
Apples1 large apple (with skin)1160.6g0.4g5.4g
Bananas1 large banana1211.5g0.5g3.5g
Baby Carrots85g (9 baby carrots)300.5g0.1g2.5g
Eggs1 large egg, hard-boiled786.3g5.3g0g
Instant Oatmeal (Plain)1 regular packet1506.6g2.6g4g
Oranges1 large orange861.7g0.2g4.4g
Sweet Potatoes1 large sweet potato (baked in skin)1623.6g0.3g5.9g

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