Don’t Let Coronavirus Stop You From Getting Emergency Care

Having an Emergency in a COVID World? Don’t Hesitate to go to the Emergency Department.

Dr. Marc Shelton, HSHS Chief Physician Executive, said people having an emergency health care situation should not hesitate to visit the emergency department, even in these times of pandemic.

“We’ve been able to keep the risk of cross-contamination down,” said Dr. Shelton.

Everyone is suspected as COVID patient when you enter the Emergency Department, which is why everyone is given a mask to wear to protect others. Patients then get their own rooms as soon as one is available.

Limiting the Amount of People in our Hospitals is Important to Keeping Everyone Safe.

Another way we’ve kept cross-contamination down is by limiting visitors. That’s for the safety of patients, their family, friends and our colleagues. 

What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe in our Facilities:

  1.  Our Environmental Services colleagues are cleaning nonstop.
  2.  Our patients and colleagues are screened at the door for COVID-19 symptoms.
  3.  Everyone in our facilities is required to wear a mask.

Robin Schultz, director of Emergency Services at HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s hospitals, said if someone is experiencing any emergency, they should not hesitate to come to the emergency department.

“We know that people are nervous because of the pandemic, but our environmental services cleaning procedures are thorough, and we isolate anyone with COVID-type symptoms,” she said. “If you’re having chest pain or stroke symptoms, it’s imperative that you get to the hospital as soon as possible.”