Colleagues Put Heads Together on Mask Project

Face Masks Needed Cleaning, and Colleagues Came to the Rescue

As long as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health approves of a cleaning process for face masks, colleagues at HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s hospitals in western Wisconsin were willing to make it happen.

The colleagues saw a need within the hospitals to hang a large quantity of the N95 masks for cleaning and reuse.

Several departments, including infection prevention, environmental services, supply chain, maintenance and the surgery and emergency departments got to work and built a device made of PVC for hanging masks.

How it Works

Using clothespins and line, masks can be hung, sanitized with UV light and reused up to five times. There are two pieces of apparatuses at HSHS Sacred Heart. Masks from HSHS St. Joseph’s are sent to HSHS Sacred Heart daily for cleaning.

“We looked at all challenges as a team,” said Kandy Ebert, director of environmental services for the two hospitals. “I’m proud to have a team that’s more like family, willing to do whatever it takes to get jobs done and keep staff, families and patients safe.”