Be Honest About Your Health

Talking about conditions affecting your well-being may not be easy, but honesty is the best policy.

Being upfront with yourself and your healthcare provider is important for staying healthy.

“People are sometimes embarrassed about a condition or habit and are not forthcoming with their healthcare providers,” says Robin Schultz, MSN, RN, Director of Emergency Services, Western Wisconsin, HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital. “However, we need to know about healthcare details ahead of time so that we can determine the best options for each individual. Being honest about treatment plans and options and what has been done in the past lays the foundation for future treatment.”

Essential Information

When you visit the hospital for a checkup or emergency consultation, have a list of current over-the-counter and prescription medications on hand to share with your healthcare provider. This list should include the dosage of medications and the colors of the pills that you provide. Also be prepared to let them know if you are taking any recreational drugs.

“We are not judging you,” Schultz says. “But it is important to be honest about medications and drugs that may interfere with the care that we provide you, including medications we may need to administer.”

Additionally, be forthcoming with details about symptoms you are experiencing and habits that you practice, such as smoking.

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