A young healthcare provider in a white coat smiles as she touches the shoulders of a seated elderly woman while assuring her that health resources are available

Health Resources for Seniors

Resources are available to help vulnerable seniors in our community with their health care needs.

According to the most recent US Census Bureau numbers, 11.3% of the Wisconsin population lives below the poverty level: 10.1% in Chippewa County and 14.5% in Eau Claire County. To help, 3D Community Health: Body.Mind.Spirit, a service of HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s hospitals, collaborates with community groups and county agencies to connect people with resources available to address their needs.

Our Caring Community

According to Kelly Lauscher, health educator at 3D Community Health: Body.Mind.Spirit with HSHS Sacred Heart and St. Joseph’s hospitals, many free or low-cost programs promote health education and total wellness. Free services include health assessments, screenings, and support groups.

“We offer programs for those dealing with later-life issues,” Lauscher says, pointing to the Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults class as an example. “Older adults have high rates of late-onset mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and low rates of identification and treatment. We teach ways to identify the signs of a disorder and how to get help.”

3D Community Health works with county aging and disability agencies to connect people with prescription drug coverage, food stamps, and transportation programs. The organization also connects qualifying patients with local nonprofit organizations that facilitate free health care services.

“Patients should also know they can always come to our hospitals for care,” Lauscher says. “Even if a provider tells them to go elsewhere, they always have the choice to come to HSHS Sacred Heart and HSHS St. Joseph’s hospitals.”

 To learn more about 3D Community Health resources and services, call 715.717.1600.

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