A Tribute to Mike Stibor

Mike Stibor, 54, of Chippewa Falls, passed away unexpectedly in June, but the love his colleagues feel for him remains.

 An Information Services Client Specialist based at HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital, Stibor spent his workdays behind three computer monitors helping colleagues navigate the technology world.

A Man of Faith

“Mike was a man of integrity and character who made sure his customers received the highest quality of service he could provide,” says Dan Pasch, Lead Analyst at HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, recalling his friend and colleague.

Stibor’s home life with his wife, Tauna, was rich with his passion for spreading Christ’s love and serving others. As a member of F.A.I.T.H. Riders Motorcycle Ministries, a local nonprofit dedicated to reaching people for Christ through motorcycling, he helped pay for a rural store’s patrons’ groceries last December.

“Everyone deserves something nice to be done for them,” Stibor said after the event. “It just fills you with warmth the entire day.”

Pasch remembers the day Stibor was presented with a CARE recognition coin.

“I nominated him specifically because of the grocery store giving event,” Pasch says. “Mike couldn’t believe he was being recognized for something that seemed so natural to him—to care for others.”

Stibor worked for HSHS for nearly 10 years and considered his coworkers friends.

“Mike was a big bear with an even bigger heart,” Pasch says. “Imagine how much better society would be if we had more Mike Stibors.”

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