5 Fall Safety Tips

As you tackle your seasonal to-do list, keep these important safety precautions in mind.

A change of seasons inspires a wealth of home improvement tasks. However, these projects can raise the risk of a dangerous fall.

“People need to be careful as they prepare for winter,” says Kathy Briggs, HSHS Home Care Office Facilitator and Lifeline Coordinator. “Slippery leaves that cover up holes increase the risk for falls, as do shorter, darker days. Common injuries that occur with falls, like bone fractures and brain injuries, can be serious, so do not be afraid to ask for help to stay safe.”

To reduce your risk for falling:

TIP 1: Choose well-fitting shoes with good grip. Proper tread is critical to protect you from slipping.

TIP 2: Decorate strategically. When adorning your home with festive holiday trimmings, make sure that cords are not exposed in hallways or other areas with high foot traffic.

TIP 3: Keep floors clean and dry. Water tracked in from outside can cause you to slip and fall.

TIP 4: Rake with awareness. Uneven ground and hidden hazards can increase your risk of tripping.

TIP 5: Work in well-lit areas. If you cannot see what you are doing and where you are walking, you are more likely to lose your footing.

Lifeline Medical Alert System is a useful tool to have on hand in the event of a fall. To learn more, visit HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital or HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital. For pricing information, call 715.563.6736.

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