3 Tips for Parents of Teens

Learn to be a compassionate guide for your children as they make the transition from youth into adulthood.

Teens face a whole new wave of growth challenges, including peer pressure, increased responsibilities, and the struggle to find their place in the world. Laura Smith, DO, Pediatrician with Prevea Health, offers three tips on how you can help guide your children through this rocky stage in life:

TIP 1: Encourage open communication. “Teenagers want to know that their parents or caregivers are there for them at all times,” says Dr. Smith. “You can foster this sense of trust and openness by regularly taking the time to talk with them about their friends, schooling, and interests. Family meals are great opportunities for this.”

TIP 2: Give them room to make mistakes. “Teens are going through a period of self-discovery,” Dr. Smith says. “They want more independence, and that is OK. There should still be some parameters in place to keep them safe, but give them some leeway to make mistakes and learn from them while they still have a safety net.”

TIP 3: Provide positive encouragement. “Build up your teens; do not tear them down,” Dr. Smith says. “They hear and read dozens of negative comments every day at school and on social media. Make your home a place of compliments and gratitude. Be the person in their lives who sees the glass half full.”

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