3 Tips for Goal-Setting Success

Stay true to your resolutions by following a few key tips for success.

Do you start the new year by setting goals that promise a picture of wellness by next Christmas? Busy schedules and unspecific objectives cause many people’s resolutions to fall by the wayside by spring (and sometimes sooner).

To ensure that your plan for a healthier you is successful:

TIP 1: Set goals that are actionable and realistic. Do not expect to see results in a matter of days, as true progress takes time. To make change last, strive to check off at least one small action item that supports your ultimate goal every day.

TIP 2: Find support. Enlist a trusted group of friends or family members to encourage you to stay motivated. Choose people who will be honest with you and unafraid to hold you accountable if you are about to indulge in an extra dessert or skip a workout.

TIP 3: Do not give up. If you miss a morning run or enjoy french fries during an evening out, remember that hope is not lost. Give yourself some grace and permission to start again tomorrow.

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